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Semi-finished products
  • PTFE sheets, rods, tubes, skived tape
  • Charged PTFE (glass, graphite, Rulon, Bronze, 50% stainless steel, Guaflon EXD,...)
  • Ready on stock or on demand with sizes up to Ø 1500mm
Gaskets and tailor made items
40 years of experience and history in processing and transforming PTFE and elastomers through moulding, milling, turning and printing of:
PTFE, PEEK, Viton®, Silicone, PVDF, Graphite, Kaflon®, etc.
O-rings and Gaskets
Shape, quantity, material, application, problem solving. Whatever your issue, IT Tech Swiss has very probably faced it already and addressed it in the most efficient and effective way. In the rarest case of a totally new scenario IT Tech Swiss will be more than happy to study a new solution for/with you.
O-rings and gaskets can be manufactured through moulding, turning, vulcanization, from Viton®, NBR, Silicone, PTFE, Kalrez®, Kaflon® and FEP/PFA lined/enveloped.
Ready on stock.
Flange Gaskets and Packings
Are available in different shapes and materials for the most diversified applications:
- cryogenic to high temperature suitable (-196°C to +700°C).
- chemical or mechanical stress resistant (packings in PTFE, Kewlar®, GFO®, graphite
Heat Exchangers
The new GUARDIAN™ heat exchangers are constituted of a bundle of tubes in Silicon Carbide (SiC) fixed to armoured P.T.F.E. plates (HPTFE).
This new technology eliminates all the weak points of the technologies currently available, offering instead a series of peerless advantages:
- High heat exchange efficiency due to SiC properties;
- Compact dimensions
- Suitability for heavier duties in terms of pressure, temperature and chemical aggression.
PTFE Joint Compensator
IT TECH SWISS expansion joints are made of isostatic molded PTFE, providing exceptional corrosion resistance. Different numbers of convolutions render the compensator suitable for several degrees of misalignment, axial travel and angular deflection.
Isostatic molded PTFE special shapes
(Collectors, manifold, nozzles lined flanges)

The isostatic process makes the PTFE lining more resistent to permeation, thus leading to longer life.
It is ideally suited for application at full vacuum and temperatures of 200°C.
Isostatically manufactured PTFE lining has greater strength and has uniform liner thickness.
Sight Glass
IT TECH Sight Indicators are ideal for observing fluid characteristics of different corrosive media; they can be manufactured from Carbon Steel or from Stainless Steel with inner lining in PTFE or Guaflon ExD (anti-static, black PTFE).
Reinforced and Double-wall Dip Pipe
Available in steel lined and jacketed in PTFE for stirred vessels, and in PTFE for nonagitated vessels.
- Loading and unloading
- Decanting
- Thermowell baffles for inserting thermocouples below the liquid level
PTFE Enveloped Gaskets
The GD enveloped gasket is particularly indicated far the most demanding applications; the 3mm reinforcement avoids the deformation of the PTFE lining both in presence of high pressure or vacuum with the result of an excellent flange sealing.
The GD gasket keeps steady sealing performances also on applications that include thermal rushes (modified GUAFLON resists temperature from -200°C to +260°C) avoiding the bakelizing (hardening) inconveniencies typical of inserts with green/blue aramidic fibres.
Safety Sleeves
These safety sleeves protect operators and environment from accidental leakage of fluids from flanged couplings.
These products are available in a wide range of sizes and materials according to the aggressiveness of the process fluids to CE 24/98.
Safety sleeves type:
- PRIMA+ (PES/PVC)  antistatic EN1149
- CONTROL (PES/PTFE) for chemically aggressive fluids.

Butterfly Valves
Sanitary butterfly valves are designed to guarantee:
- trouble free operations, easy maintenance, easy thorough cleaning Available in a vast array of builts and materials, such as:
- AISI 316L, Halloy HC, Ti, PTFE lined (FDA approved and/or ATEX compliant)
- ND50 to 300mm (TC2” to 12”)
- End connections: TC standard or customised
- Gaskets in VMQ (Platinic silicone rubber), FFKM Kaflon® 72B, VMQ + PTFE TFM®
Check-Valves, One-way Valves
IT TECH Swiss one-way valves are executed in PTFE or in Guaflon EXD (black anti-static PTFE), spring coil in Hastelloy or PTFE enveloped AISI 316.
The valves are available in sizes that range from ND15 to ND100 and spring coil set from 2mbar to 300mbar.
Special gas executions are also available.
Fitting System
This system was developed especially for tubing made in PTFE , FEP or PFA but it can also be used with tubes made glass or steel. Its function is based on compression rings which provide a pressure resistance of up to 5 bar at room temperature and 3 bar at 180°C . All parts which are exposed to the medium are made of Virgin PTFE , PTFE TFM or Antistatic PTFE ( Guaflon EXD - FDA and ATEX approved ) . Only the nut which is not in contact with the medium is made of generic thermoplastic ( PVC , PP, etc.) or glass-fibre reinforced PTFE .
All components of this system have a universal chemical resistance, since the product is only exposed to PTFE.
Sampling System
Vessel Sampling System.
The sample can be drawn up the dip pipe using site vacuum or a recirculating pump.
Fit for inertization with nitrogen.
In-line Samplig System. Special sampling valve with customized connections to sampling bottle.
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