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Heating and cooling solutions for corrosive
Modular construction ITTECH SWISS equipments
Resistance and purity of synthetic materials make them the ideal choice in a variety of processes.
We can supply a vast range of heat exchangers with the followings functions:
- chemical and pharmaceutical industries (shell and tube heat exchangers in PTFE / Armoured PTFE / SiC / PTFE lined / glass and glass lined).
Pipeline components
IT Swiss Tech presents the best line of pipeline components made of:
• Stainless steel and cast iron PTFE lined (pipe sections, bends, Tee reducers, valves, etc)
• Borosilicate glass 3.3 and glass lined components
• Bellows and flexible hoses in PTFE
• Sampling valves
• Safety devices and instruments
Gaskets & Special Products
With craftman passion and attention to detail we manufacture mass production or single and special items
• Flange Gasket
• Packing Seals
• Turning and machining: virgin PTFE, Industrial plastic (Peek, PVDF, Vespel)
• Mould manufacturing rubber and ELASTOMERIC SEALS (FKM, SI, EPDM, FFKM, HNBR, KAFLON®)
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